Mentoring your child in early ages

Why Kids needs to be mentored in early ages

Everybody has genius in it but, if you judge a fish by it’s ability to climb a tree it will go through it’s life feeling like it’s stupid– Albert Einstein.

In summary, mentors bring out the best in us and nurture to find the right profession and ability to
discover their Ikigai

Even at any age, we need to be mentored many times to find what’s best in us. There is always that learning process and nurturing. Mentors can see you without any preconceived prejudices from the past or future. 

Ikigai is that one thing where 4 core ideas align together – 

  1. What you really love (passion)
  2. What you are good at (skills)
  3. How you can serve others (contributions) and
  4. What you be rewarded for (profession)

There are many examples where what we do in a profession is not our passion and at some age we realise it and feel it is too late now.


And that’s the whole purpose of having mentors in the early years so that each young mind can realise they are special, smart, unique, intelligent and genius. Being academic is not the only pillar. World is filled with many examples where non-academic have done wonders to this world.

Idea is whoever you are, you have your own unique talents inherent in you and having those realized in early years will be the foundation of a great future/career ahead.

AACTIVEKIDSZONE is built on the foundation of finding the Ikigai in early years through mentoring.

We do it by running workshops where they experience various professions and are nurtured by real professionals. We provide blended learning experience in early years. 

AACTIVEKIDSZONE is an ecosystem where kids can be active, engaged and inspired.


AACTIVEKIDSZONE is a collaboration bringing together expert professionals to provide exceptional training to young minds:

  • Workshops to experience various professions in the world
  • Training program to empower young minds to become future leaders
What is mentoring

For AACTIVEKIDSZONE, mentors are someone who has an invested interest in the progression and advancement of a child in various areas of passion, skills, profession and contributions to the world.

Learning is a life-long activity and mentors are someone who can help you, who has been there, done it, and who can give you some genuine guidance on your learning journey. 

Many of the world’s most successful people have been mentored: Sir Richard Branson had Sir Freddie Laker, Mark Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs, and Luke Skywalker had Yoda! 

If you see all the above examples, they have found their Ikigai and mentors.

Mentors show the path, but it is the responsibility of the mentees (in our case, it is young minds) to take the actions.


At AACTIVEKIDSZONE, each child will experience and meet different mentors from various professions and they learn from the vast amount of experience and knowledge of those mentors.


We totally endorse pursuing an academic progression and the key role that school and other educational institutes play in early years. We also strongly recommend as said by Socrates “know thyself” i.e., who you are and your own uniqueness in this world. 


Many children experience formal education and learn english, reasoning, science, maths and history but don’t learn about themselves and real life skills. This is so important now especially in the age of Artificial Intelligence and super smart technologies.  What has been thought now or what are real good professions may be redundant or outdated when kids grow up. So each young mind needs to know his/her strengths, talents, aptitudes and inclinations as the world becomes more volatile and having mentors in early years will allow them to embrace new future opportunities. Mentoring would highly complement their profession choices and vocational pursuits.

Who could be a mentor

Mentors can come in various phases of life and in various forms. In early ages, you start with your parents being your mentors and then as you move along you get inspiration from teachers, trainers, friends, families and even from someone whom you have never met or spoken to in the form of books.

As said earlier, learning never ends and so life gives you mentors in various areas of your life.

Word of caution here –  let’s not assume that the parent or the family members or near and dear ones are able to provide that mentoring role because: you can’t give what you don’t have or you don’t know what you don’t know here. 


The fact is that some children do not have healthy connections with their parents, siblings, or immediate role models, while others are an exception (talent-wise) in their family. So, in order for them to attain their full potential, they would require mentoring from sources other than their immediate family.


AACTIVEKIDSZONE aimed to bridge this gap by having professional mentors within the learning activity

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